A Guide On How To Obtain Southwest Drink Coupons

Southwest Airlines is famous for its casual atmosphere and timely departures. This particular airline is different from others in the sense that the perks offered by it are quite unique. The loyal customers or customers who fly with Southwest Airlines often get to enjoy these perks. Southwest drink coupons are one of these perks, this kind of coupon is something which isn?t generally seen in case of other airlines. The target audiences for these coupons are adult passengers, i.e. passengers over the age of twenty one years. For many people, travelling can be a stressful and hectic activity, therefore the best way to relax oneself is by downing a good glass of quality adult beverage.

While non-alcoholic drinks in Southwest Airlines are free of charge, the alcoholic ones cost USD 5 each. However if you have Southwest drink coupons then you will be receiving such drinks free of cost. The airlines offer three different kinds of adult drinks: liquor, beer and wine. In case the passenger prefers to take non-alcoholic drinks like soda, teas and water then there is no need to have coupons or pay because they are free of cost. The Monster Carb drinks (non-alcoholic), costs USD 3, and coupons aren?t applicable for these.

There are many ways by which you can obtain Southwest drink coupons.

Business Class Select

The first way is to buy a first class or Business Select class ticket. Since this kind of ticket is more expensive therefore you can enjoy certain advantages like priority security screening, priority boarding and a free drink coupon for a premium drink during the flight.

Southwest Rapid Rewards

If you don?t want to go for expensive tickets then you can join the Southwest Rapid Rewards program or the frequent flier program. When you join such a program Southwest Airlines would be able to track your flight credits and flights. In fact you can also monitor your rapid reward perks online.

With the frequent flier program, if you manage to purchase ten or more one-way Southwest Airlines tickets in the time span of a calendar year then you will receive four drink coupons.

Buy on eBay

Southwest drink coupons for sale on ebayIf you are ready to pay for coupons but still want to save money, head over to ebay. You can find plenty of drink coupons on sale at ebuy usually costing you around $1-2. Just be carefull before buying and check the feedback and history of seller before bidding.

Click n Save emails

The third source of Southwest drink coupons is the airlines? Click n? Save e-newsletter. You will find drink coupons and promotional offers in these email newsletters from time to time.


You can obtain the drinks coupons by asking for them when you experience some kind of inconvenience with the airlines, like delayed flight, etc. The flight attendant or the gate agent usually has these and in such cases, they will provide them to you as compensation.

Rapid Reward Credit Card

Another way of getting Southwest drink coupons is to apply for the Rapid Rewards credit card by the airline. The card holders get to enjoy a number of perks from Southwest Airlines in addition to receiving drink coupons via email and at the time of check-in for their flight. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that these coupons have expiration dates therefore you should use them before they expire.

Points to remember

When you get drink coupons, you need to remember that most of the coupons have an expiration date. Specially, for Business Select fare, it is only good for the day of travel. You will receive your coupon when you check in for the flight. These coupons are not valid for energy drinks.

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